…A student participating to a mobility programme:

Faculty of Management offers both undergraduate and master degrees (taught in English) for the students from the EU. A detailed curricula for this programs you can find here:

Students moving in the framework of a mobility programme or a bilateral agreement will remain registered at their own institutions while they are in Bucharest. Based on the bilateral agreements signed between ASE and the home university, they are exempt of tuition fees in ASE.
As exchange students they will be subjected to the same rules and enjoy the same benefits as the local students. They may attend one or several courses from one or more faculties according to the individual programs and sit the respective exams.
For any other information, you can contact the ERASMUS departmental coordinator bellow:

VICE DEAN for Education and International Relations – Prof. CICEA Claudiu PhD.
ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator

Contact and audiences:

Tel. +4 021 319.19.00 / +4 021 319.19.01 – Int: 289;
Fax +4 021 319.18.99;

For a detailed information of the ERASMUS+ mobility process in the Bucharest University of Economic Studies,
you may check the site of our International Relations Office: