• One of the oldest faculties from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Ranked first in the national Management field
  • A valuable team of professors
  • It comprises two departments, the Management Department and the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department
  • It offers the greatest number of master programs from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies


The highest connection of bachelor programs to the labor market requirements

As an institution, the Faculty of Management aims among the fundamental goals of its activity, providing highly trained specialists in the field of management for the labor market. The efforts of the teaching staff are directed, in the bachelor cycle, to providing the necessary skills and knowledge for our graduates to succeed in the employers’ companies. In this context, I consider it necessary to focus the efforts on the integration and use of new teaching methods and knowledge acquired by our colleagues through doctoral or post-doctoral training in abroad prestigious universities.

Master programs which generate intellectual and added value for students and employers

The best international universities are focused on master and PhD programs. In this context, our faculty provides high quality research and professional master programs, in the context of integrating scientific research within master studies. The acknowledgement of their quality is made both by candidates (for consultancy programs, human resources, project management or business management, and by the high employment rate of graduates from these programs.

Knowledge-generating doctoral programs

The new PhD system was designed on the Bologna reference model, respectively, as the third level of undergraduate and master degree. Consequently, for PhD students, we have developed a flexible system for choosing doctoral themes. Thus, master programs are strengthened and an optional flexible mechanism for PhD students can be achieved, with greater attractiveness and utility.

Moreover, our faculty is open to students all over the world, encouraging our students’ involvement in joint supervision foreign programs. We also promote PhD students’ participation at international conferences, as they are the best opportunity to gain experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Advanced scientific research

The best universities and faculties in the world are research entities. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies was ranked in the category of advanced research and education universities. This honors us as a faculty as part of the university, but it also compels us to amplify the efforts made so far. The research results should be integrated into the educational process within master and PhD programs.

 As a consequence, our faculty has created strong research centers led by research leaders. The research contracts with the business environment are of great importance. From this perspective, we are able to offer solutions to business environment.