In order to assist candidates and to ensure correct information and good understanding of the activities they carry out throughout the complex admission process, our university develops, prints, distributes and displays on-site admissions methodologies that describe the mechanism, algorithm, and admission steps.

The admission to any of the study programs is based on written exam. To support the candidates, the faculty provides each year an on-line simulation guide of admission.

The Faculty of Management offers the following master programs:


  1. Business Management – Romanian language
  2. Business Project Management – Romanian language – (please refer to our own master program website at
  3. Healthcare services management – Romanian language
  4. Human Resources Management – Romanian language
  5. Management consulting and business development – Romanian language
  6. Project management – Romanian (additional details at
  7. Small and medium enterprises management – Romanian language
  8. Business Management (Piatra Neamt) – Romanian language
  9. Management and international marketing – Romanian language
  10. Business Management – English language

For details on the educational offer, application and competition schedule, please refer to the Master Admissions Site 2019

Curricula / Syllabus for Master subjects

The students attending a program are organized on study groups – series and groups – which are dimensioned to ensure the efficient development of the educational process, in accordance with the “Methodology for preparing teaching load for all didactic activities (full time, distance learning, master and other courses) “.

The percentage of graduate students per year of study is high demonstrating the students’ interest in learning and research.

Transfer of students between higher education institutions, faculties and specializations is regulated through the “Regulation on Teaching Activities for Master Degree Studies”.

More information on the legal base – undergraduate studies are available on the Educational Management website.