The Faculty of Management aims to maintain leadership in academic education and scientific research in the field of management in Romania, committing to promote authentic values, cooperation between our faculty members, and creation of functional structures both in the teaching activity within the bachelor, master, doctoral programs and scientific research.
We aim to develop a performing and competitive educational system by:

  • Training elite and opinion leaders in the managerial field. The faculty must play a catalytic role in management, providing informed responses to the socio-economic environment;
  • Training responsible managers, with clear vision and well-founded ethical values, able to understand macroeconomic mechanisms and develop strategies and policies;
  • Creating a culture that understands and respects teachers, students, master students and PhD students and recognizes their interdependence and the vital role of each member of the family within the Faculty of Management.

The Faculty of Management, as an integrated part of the academic community of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, permanently aspires to discovering the novelty in all its forms, generating excellence in research, maintaining a high quality learning environment, through the passion for knowledge and innovation of its people.

Our approach is based on:

  • Creating value through economic, social and environmental development geared towards a growing multicultural world;
  • Favoring original ideas that enable the development of society through discoveries, research, innovation and creative activities;
  • Promoting a real leadership determined by the existence of capable and ethical leaders;
  • Providing high-level education to students around the world who share our values and aspirations;
  • Facilitating the development of future generations of leaders in management, research, business or liberal professions;
  • Finding an ethical way to act to the highest standards of efficiency and promote excellence.

The values considered for the fulfillment of the mission are:

  • Excellence – We will always try to overcome expectations, as we understand excellence as performance.
  • Professionalism – We will act always in a professional way.
  • The stakeholders’ assessment – We would not exist and we would not have success without our stakeholders and for that we are grateful.
  • Open Communication – Timely communication and consistency are important. We will always ensure that expectations are clear to all parties involved and will maintain calm and positive conduct in all our interactions. We encourage freedom of expression in an atmosphere of open dialogue that allows for critical thinking, supported by intellectual integrity and ethical judgments. Collegiality, transparency and responsibility are the guiding principles of our faculty.
  • Encouraging diversity – Diversity ensures a large number of students, providing opportunities for social mobility, meeting the needs of different labor markets. It serves the needs of the stakeholders, increases the level of effectiveness, and offers wide opportunities for innovation.
  • Acknowledgement of value – Through our activities, we want to teach students to identify value and to respect it
  • Promoting collegiality – A collegiality environment based on the principles of academic freedom, respect, integrity, courtesy, freedom to engage in debate and exchange of ideas, intellectual discovery and professional responsibility.
  • Entrepreneurial orientation – We encourage entrepreneurial orientation, asking for courage in taking risks, creativity, focusing on results and motivating stakeholders.
  • Integrity – The prestige of the faculty should never be compromised and the human values required of the faculty will always be honesty, consistency and sincerity.